Helpful hints for starting Kindergarten.

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Helpful hints for starting Kindergarten.

The staff at Broadbeach Kindergarten aim to make your child’s kindergarten year happy and positive in an exciting and non-confronting environment.

At this kindergarten we believe that children do not learn in isolation; it is a collaborative process, between your family and ours and we feel honoured for you allowing us to be part of this very important milestone in your child’s life.

In order for your child to obtain the utmost from their kindergarten experience we need YOUR help. We ask that you begin to put in place these positive steps to make kindergarten sound a great place to come – where your child will be happy and eager to attend.

  • Discuss coming to kindergarten in positive ways e.g.

It will be great fun

You will make lots of new friends

There will be lots of terrific things to do and play with

Your teachers are kind and caring and will look after you

  • Try not to tell your child to “be brave”. This implies that there is something to be afraid of.
  • Do not leave without saying “goodbye.”
  • Do not be clingy, or draw out your farewells.
  • Make sure you answer your child’s questions honestly about coming to kindergarten. Tell them you will drop them off in the morning, go home or to work etc, and that you will come back to collect them after rest time in the afternoon.
  • Drive or walk past the kindergarten when possible and point things out about the centre to your child. Talk about the big tree for climbing, the garden, the colours and the space, the teacher’s friendly faces, the children in the garden having lots of fun.
  • If you get the opportunity, call in to the kindergarten for a quick visit to introduce your child to each staff member. This will facilitate an easier transition from home to kindergarten. A visit to kindy will give your child some ‘ownership’ of their new kindy and will give them an opportunity to see for themselves what kindy is.
  • Talk about each staff member by name. e.g. “I saw you doing a puzzle with Kathryne today. Was it tricky?” “Did Libby push you high on the swing today?” “Danie looked like she was working hard in the office this morning. Did you help her?” Constant reminders and discussions of each staff member in the early days of kindergarten will help your child identify and relate in a positive manner to us and reassure your child that it is ok to put their trust in us.
  • Make sure your child can identify their backpack, their lunchbox, morning tea container and drink bottles. Let them help you name them for easier identification.
  • Practice opening and closing lunch containers and drink bottles.
  • Make sure your child is able to use the toilet unassisted. Staff are always on hand to help with toileting ‘accidents’ but expect children to be fully toilet trained before beginning kindergarten.
  • Please do not let this be the first time your child has been away from you.
  • Leave them with grandparents, relatives for friends for a few hours during the day, if you have not done so already. Try this a few times, if possible, especially in the weeks leading up to their start date at the centre. Children need to trust that you will return when you say you will and if they are used to being away from you and know you always come back to collect them – their settling in time at the kindergarten will be easier for everyone.
  • On your child’s first day at kindergarten please arrive promptly and be ready to begin our day at 9am. Help your child unpack their belongings, then bring your child to the mat ready for group time. Please ensure you have notified a staff member of your child’s arrival. Both staff members will be there to welcome the children.

Settle them on the mat for a moment, kiss them good-bye, wish them a happy day, tell them you see them this afternoon and then promptly leave. It is vital you do not prolong your farewell.

If your child seems unsure or upset, please make sure one of the staff members is aware of the situation so they may provide some extra reassurance and comfort (and a special hug!)

Tears do not usually last long once children are occupied and involved in play.

Danie will call all parents on their first day, to reassure you as to how your child is settling in.

PLEASE REMAIN POSITIVE FOR YOUR CHILD even if you feel a little sad about leaving them. Remember you, as the parent, have chosen this centre, and this experience, for your child – therefore it is imperative that you be seen to be happy and excited. Children will pick up on anxiety and apprehension and react accordingly.

Every child will enjoy their kindergarten experience – some may just need a little more time to settle in than others. We understand this and will work with you and your child to ensure they feel welcome, happy and safe.

If you have any concerns at all about your child’s first days at Broadbeach Kindergarten please feel free to discuss with any staff member. We look forward to building a positive relationship with your child and will appreciate your support as you begin to ‘let go’. We remind you that we have been involved in ‘first day blues’ for many years and are well equipped to deal with tears, trepidation and tantrums! As parents ourselves – we understand and appreciate your concerns – but ask that you trust us, as professionals, to nurture, educate and delight in your children.



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