Mrs Libby Power


Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood)

Bachelor of Education

Nominated Supervisor

The director is responsible for developing and implementing an educational program. The director also supports committee members in administrative duties related to the running of the program.

Assistant Teacher:

Mrs Kathryne Powell


Diploma of Journalism

Certificate of Childcare and Education

Certified Superivsor

The assistant teacher works with the director in the development and implementation of the educational program and supports the committee members in administrative duties related to the running of the kindergarten.


Mrs Danielle Sorensen

Certificate of Early Childhood Education

Justice of the Peace (Qualified)

Certified Supervisor

The administrator is responsible for assisting in the preparation (for committee approval) of the centre’s finances including fees, accounts, budgets and staff wages, building maintenance, parent information, enrolments, workplace health and safety, correspondence, newsletters and is the liaison between parents, committee and staff.

Libby Power, Kathryne Powell and Danielle Sorensen have  been a successful teaching team since 1997. We believe that this level of experience, commitment and dedication contributes to a warm, respectful relationship between staff, children and families. All staff  act as positive role models who build relationships of trust, respect and security.

Each staff member’s views, beliefs and values are considered and respected.