Broadbeach Kindergarten is a beautiful example of a community kindergarten.

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Our little girl was born with a profound hearing loss that was identified through the newborn hearing screening process. At our entry interview into Hear and Say (where we received our early intervention services), the very first recommendation that they made by the Director of Clinical Services was to put our daughter’s name down on a waiting list and a C&K centre for the year before prep. We would have done this anyway as I was already familiar with the beautiful child-focused, family centred, community driven focus that C&K is renowned for but it reinforced the importance of completing forms for this process sooner rather than later.

When we moved to the Gold Coast for my husband’s work in January 2009 – I had printed out C&K forms for 4 local C&K Centres in the closest proximity to our home. The first Centre that I hand delivered the form to was Broadbeach C&K. Walking in through the doors of the Centre was like walking into a ready made second family. I felt like we belonged here before we had even received an offer. Libby, Kathryne and Danie welcomed us with such open arms that I left with a spring in my step. I went home and described to my husband in intricate detail everything that I LOVED about the Centre for our precious angel – the staff, their obvious inclusiveness for kids with special needs, the resources, the physical environment (lovely wooden floors, books everywhere, a delightful home corner) and then of course there was the yard with the tree ……… I loved this tree and I loved the prospect of my little girl getting to climb it every day. The swings, sandpit, mud pit and outdoor toys looked fabulous as well. I never did take the forms to any other C&K Centre – I knew that this was where we wanted our little girl to attend for her pre-prep year.

2013 at Broadbeach Kindy has exceeded our expectations on every level. Our little girl has always been very confident within her circle of trust and so the biggest goal for us was for other people to experience the delifghtul little girl that she is and for her to be confident to engage and practice engaging in new social situations before starting school. She has blossomed beyond belief. This is apparent in every aspect of the education that his provided through Broadbeach C&K.

  • She has developed beautiful friendships with other children
  • She has developed a profound and amazing trust in her teachers (we think that Kathryne and Libby are splendid in everything that they do) and in Danie, a welcoming and friendly face in the office who consistently goes above and beyond!
  • She has developed her imaginative play skills to another level (they were already very well developed!)
  • She has developed an absolute love for art and craft due to the wonderful experiences that are created on a daily basis
  • She has developed her gross motor skills to another level through the wonderful free play and planned experiences
  • She has consolidated her pre-literacy skills (all of the essential phonological awareness and oral language skills that research demonstrates are the essential pre-requisites for successful literacy) for the successful transtition to reading and spelling skills in the school environment

As a Paediatric Speech Pathologist the thing that I have been most sincerely impressed with is that the staff haven’t been influenced by the top down approach to Education and Literacy Development which seems to be occurring at present. I love that the Centre stands by the early childhood philosophy that children must PLAY PLAY PLAY and have books read to them OVER and OVER and OVER again to prepare them for formal education. This Centre really is a grass roots Centre whereby the individual needs to the children always come first – socially, emotionally and academically. It’s such a breath of fresh air as a parent to see how the teachers unpack their curriculum and work their magic spell within this play based philosophy – thank you!

My final delight is in the beautiful inclusiveness of the Centre for our little girl. The genuine love and care for the child isn’t demonstrated by talking about what can be done for the child but instead, modifying appropriately and sensitively on a daily basis. A beautiful example of this appropriately focused modification was back in August. We returned from a family holiday and the children had been learning the words to ‘Give me a home among the gum trees’. Our little perfectionist was upset that she didn’t know the words (and this will always be trickier for her due to hearing impairment). Apparently she got a little upset but rather than making it a big deal, when I picked Emily up the next day, one of her teachers had voluntarily printed out all of the words and loaned me the CD so that we could practice the words at home – just delightful!

I could write and write and write about how wonderful the Centre is BUT in summary – Broadbeach C&K is a beautiful example of a community kindergarten where philosophies from your own home environment are respected, reinforced and extended. Emily Rose is excitedly going to school with a ‘spring in her step’ full of confidence that she can do anything. We always knew she could but through a beautiful collaboration between home and the staff of the wonderful Broadbeach C&K , she also now also believes that she can!!

With lots of love

Jane, Craig, Emily, Matilda and Isabelle Daniel



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