Broadbeach Kindergarten is a million scenarios rolled into one!

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As we are all apparently meant to know, a year at kindy (specifically that final year) is supposed to be a transition period from home care and play groups to big school. You know, that big place where an older brother or sister goes. A place that is seen on TV or spoken about at the dinner table. That place across the road or around the corner where we find uniforms and books and bags and a place where a period somewhat longer than this initial year starts. Sadly, that seems to be the way that this period is looked at. May of us do not look at it that way and I am proud to say that I am perhaps the chief representative of people who certainly don’t because like many of us that have had the unquestionable pleasure of having a child at this particular kindy, things have been fantastically divergent.

It is unfair that time at this kindy has only lasted a year. My daughter hasn’t required more than a year at this level of education and guidance but it has been so good that I am thoroughly heartbroken that it has come to an end. I could not in my most outstanding of dreams ever have hoped for a better place. To say that we have been fortunate would be a dire understatement.

Broadbeach Kindergarten is a million scenarios rolled into one. It’s location, appearance, atmosphere, history, success, values and significance are just a few that I will briefly mention. But without spending too much time on those factors, I turn my attention directly to the staff of this monumental facility. What an absolute blessing it has been to have had my daughter attend an institution with such adept, thoughtful, caring and loving staff.

If you want to send your child to a place that will leave a lasting impression in your heart whilst at the same time nourishing you and your child’s heart, then this is the place for you. As for our stars,well, each child walking through those doors will gain something that is simply not available anywhere else. Each and every star will leave with the most beautiful sense of unity, love, understanding and access to the keys for a remarkably bright and happy future. All along this incredible journey, activities and programs have been thoughtfully and meticulously organised. Daily routines and task discussions, for example, have provided my daughter with fundamental social foundations and given her a positive outlook on what the world is all about. Well done.

A year at this kindy has given my daughter guidance in areas that would have taken a generation to install anywhere else. A good example being that big place down the road with uniforms, books and bags. Big School will be a breeze thanks to her fantastic experiences. Broadbeach Kindergarten has provided this service and in accordance perhaps totaling several thousand lifetimes worth. I wish I could wind back the clock and start it all again. I have so many fantastic memories from this place, some that I have not yet written diary entries on because these memories are so vivid that they are forever securely tucked away.

It hasn’t been a great year. It has been an absolute triumph!

Thank you Kathryne, Libby and Danie.

Marcus Stavely-Alexander (2013)

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