Thank you for your support.

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As parents we often wonder if we are doing the right thing by our children and this has been a constant question for me with regards to continuing work after having children. For the very first time in my career your kindergarten and the experience that my daughter has received, has resolved my fears in that regard the more so – the guilt that does with that.

Heaven loves attending your kindy and every morning asks me whether she is going to old or new kindy – with old kindy presenting tears and new kindy (Broadbeach) presenting joy and excitement. I believe it is the love of each of you that you can truly feel in the room for the children that makes this kindy so special.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of me (full time working mum) and therefore my sweet child.

I only wish my son had the opportunity to attend your kindergarten and I will be singing your praises for many years to come.

Lisa Clements (2013)

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