Family and Culture

Broadbeach Kindergarten values each child’s family and cultural background

Each staff member’s views, beliefs and values are considered and respected.

As a community kindergarten will provide for families and their children in a friendly, homely environment, which is an extension of the child’s family situation.

Our team of educators will draw on the diverse knowledge and cultural experiences of every family when planning experiences for children.

Family input is recognised and celebrated at Broadbeach Kindergarten.

  • We believe that parents are a child’s first teachers and they are the most important people in his/her life.
  • We will share with parents the vital role of caring for and educating their children by focusing on developing a sense of trust, security and love.
  • We believe in offering an inclusive policy that incorporates the requirements of children with additional needs, and the educators work collaboratively with family members, specialists, resource agencies and support services.
  • We aim to have collaborative partnerships with families and communities by building genuine partnerships.
  • We believe it is important that our staff value children and their families.
  • We aim to engage parents and children in a sense of community, cooperation and collaboration.

Research studies show that those parents who show a genuine interest and support for the kindergarten and who encourage staff and speak well of their child’s kindergarten will have children who are more likely to enjoy their kindergarten experience and will adapt more readily to the formal school environment.