Dear Kathryne, Libby and Danie,

I am no good with speaking how I feel without turning into a blubbering mess so I thought the best way to say thankyou would be to write it.

The last 4 years have been such a rollercoaster for me and I am lucky enough to have had the three of you in my life to take care of my girls.  Especially when I was not able to.  You made entrusting my girls to you easy.  I knew they were looked after and most of all loved and they definitely felt that.  They are so much in the years with you all and became such confident little first and learnt so many things that I could not have taught them.

I walked into kindy with Mariella ready to run back out as I had never left her without me.  So not only have you helped the girls adjust you helped me stretch that umbilical cord a little further!!

Always greeted with a smile and room full of love and friendship.  It has been a crazy journey for me over the last few years and you will never know how much you all helped me through those times.  I can remember coming to drop off Gabriella to you before heading to the hospital and not being sure if I would be coming back.  It was such a hard thing to do yet I knew she was safe and that she would be ok.  The photos on that day that you put up (on Facebook) so I could see her helped me stay calm.  Your compassion and generous hearts helped my family through the most difficult times and you always knew what to do and say to the girls to help them with their own emotions.

We are all going to miss seeing you all every week.  The girls have formed a connection with you all that I am sure will last forever and they will always remember how much they loved their little blue kindy.

So enough said as it is not a goodbye just a huge thankyou.  I promise to drop in when I can and refuel you with protein balls and updates.  The gift is something I though I would do as a reminder to you all of how grateful we are and to remind you of how important you are to all these little people that come through your doors.

Thanks you from the bottom of my heart and if you need the Gonzalez crew for anything please just ask.

All our love,

Annette, Paco, Mariella, Gabriella & Cataleya  xoxox

Hi Kathryne, Libby & Danie,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much Kate loves coming to kindy.

It was only six months ago that I couldn’t even say the word “kindy” without Kate crying and pleading with me to let her stay at home. So I was quite surprised when, after only 2 weeks of attending kindy, the tears were all gone. Kate now wants to go to kindy every day, even on Saturdays.

My little girl has grown up so much since the beginning of the year. Her confidence has grown, and so have her social skills. She has made wonderful friends, and best of all she is learning how to be a friend.

Without the love and guidance of you Kathryne, Libby & Danie, I really don’t think that Kate would be blossoming the way that she has been. She feels safe, loved and she is learning new things all the time (and so am I).

You are all very special people to Kate and she tells me how much she loves you every time I pick her up.

I have no reservations about sending Kate on to Prep, because your kindy is preparing her beautifully for the transition. Thank you for being so lovely with Kate. We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful place to start her learning journey.

By the way, we think the kindy grounds are magical, almost like the setting of a fairy tale.


Broadbeach Kindergarten – My Thoughts

I first met Libby Power (Director) when she brought her daughter to my ballet school. During the time her daughter was enrolled in my school, I noticed how Libby and her daughter treated everyone involved with the school, including my self, with respect and compassion. I often admired the way Libby interacted with other parents, and always thought her manner intelligent and gracious. I also noted students who had come through Broadbeach Kindergarten, had the same respectful approach to their dealings with others. I believe Libby, as Director, influenced these children, and taught them a lovely and appropriate way to behave in a community. I decided that if ever I was to have children, I wanted them to attend Broadbeach Kindergarten, for these very reasons.

When finally I did have children, twins in fact, I made sure I contacted Broadbeach Kindergarten. From the very first phone call, to the orientation day, and to this day, Libby, Kathryne and Danie have been friendly, organised, efficient and caring. They have an amazing way of making each child feel special, welcome and valued as soon as they walk through the kindergarten doors. Libby, Kathryne and Danie value each child as an individual, and focus their whole attention on finding out what makes each child unique, what their needs are, and they work diligently with each child to meet these needs. 

I have a wonderful feeling of peace when I leave my children at Broadbeach Kindergarten. I know that they are well cared for, and I know that they are happy. I also know that every day they are learning. They are learning to be a positive member of a community, they are learning and building academic knowledge, they are learning how to be independent in an environment that is encouraging and loving. They are learning life skills, they are making friendships, they are learning manners, respect, and to value themselves and others. They are learning how to work as a team, and to work alone. I am constantly amazed at how much they achieve each day, and how much they enjoy the process.

Libby, Kathryne and Danie give their time happily to parents who need to discuss issues concerning their children, and are open and generous in offering information regarding what the children have been involved with during the day. Communication is easy, efficient, and always enjoyable.

The kindergarten environment is magical. The mix of natural elements (the climbing tree and outside play area) and the inside facilities make the kindergarten an excellent place of exploration and excitement for the children. The way Libby, Kathryne and Danie have included each child’s heritage makes each child feel at home in the kindergarten.

I believe Broadbeach Kindergarten is the perfect place for my children to grow and develop in their pre-school year, and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a safe, nurturing, friendly and efficient learning environment for their child. I am grateful to Libby, Kathryne and Danie for the warm, yet professional way in which they deal with both parents and children. I know my children will be better individuals for having attended Broadbeach Kindergarten – Cathie Hanson.

Dear Danie, Kathryne and Libby, As Kindergarten Teachers, you epitomise all the Fruits of the Spirit!

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Caring, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control As a family, we have been privileged to be part of Broadbeach Kindergarten. We are extremely grateful for the safe, homely and nurturing environment that you have provided for our daughter, Shelby, throughout the year. Shelby has learnt a great deal through the range of experiences you have fostered. Being one of the very youngest in the group, we are thankful for your support, warmth, encouragement and patience in her overall development.

We acknowledge and appreciate all the special qualities that make yourselves and this outstanding and beautiful Kindy environment so unique. Through respect, acceptance and love, you have encouraged the ‘Starfish’ children to grow wings and your dedication to them all is enviable. Thank you for your commitment to a ‘hands-on’ approach to play, individualised care and an exploratory means to learning, which is a credit to Lady Gowrie Centres and yourselves as Teachers, as you implement a variety of superior programs and experiences. The motivation, loyalty and energy you bring to Early Childhood teaching and a genuine for the children in your care, are priceless attributes. You have made a positive and profound impact on Shelby’s life so far. Thank you and we look forward to our continued relationship in 2016.

Sincerely yours, The parents of Shelby Ann Chantrill: Suzanne Neal & David Chantrill

Our testimonial: 

Words cannot express how wonderful Broadbeach Kindy is. The location and Kindy itself are so beautiful, any child’s (and adults) dream. But much more than all that Libby, Kathryne and Danie are the most amazing teachers ever! They are what make the Kindy an amazing, fun- filled learning adventure for the children. My son has had his up and downs this year and the love and support that they have shown for him and us as a family has gone far beyond anything we could have expected.

The Kindy has become a second home for him and us and we could not imagine a better start to his journey through life and education than the one Libby, Kathryne and Danie work so hard everyday to provide. We thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts. Words cannot express how much we appreciate everything you are and you provide at Broadbeach Kindergarten.

After asking Jude what he loves best about Kindy he said it’s fun and the teachers and I like climbing the tree and playing with Ryder.

Thank you xxxx

Edward and Lela Ducker

Dear Kathryne, Libby and Danie 

Thank you for everything you’ve done for Fuzuki.

At first, she was crying every morning because it was the first time to

 be separated from mum and she couldn’t speak English but end of term1 she stopped crying. 

That’s moment I can’t forget that she was growing and she started to speak English.

Then we went to Japan and Fuzuki missed most of term2 and she forgot all the English she had learnt.

We had good time in Japan but  I regret she missed kindy.

It took a while to catch up but she started to speak English again middle of term3.

She still can’t speak English but better than before She had started kindy.

Most improvement is her drawing skill I think. Before kindy she couldn’t draw people but now she loves drawing and we can understand what she’s drawing.

She made lots of friends and had lots of fun at kindy.

I can’t express it in words Thank you is not enough but thank you very much!!

Fuzuki is already missing you guys. When I told her kindy is almost finish, she start crying and I cried too. So emotional now.

We really appropriate that you guys made it a comfortable place for her, even though it wouldn’t have been easy to comunicate with her.

We will come back with Fuzuki’s little sister Mitsuki.

Love xoxo

Robert, Mika, Fuzuki and Mitsuki


Dear Kathryne, Libby and Danie,

“Thank you” does not seem enough when Jerome and I think of the kindness and warmth you have shown Tyler and Maya.

Tyler is thriving at school and that is largely down to the hard work and guidance of you three ladies.

You have cared and loved them both as if they were your own and we thank you for it!

Before the tears flow and I can no longer see they keyboard……

Love the Jones Family



Dear Kathryne, Libby & Danie,

We can’t say how appreciative we are for the joy you have given Oscar these past two years. In the future you want your child’s memories of Kindy to be that of a time filled with joy, discovery, nurturing and most of all fun. 

I have no doubt that you all have fulfilled these promises and more. I can honestly say there is no place better on earth than Broadbeach Kindergarten and you are the heart of the kindy.

Love you all, 

The McVeighs

Dear Kathryne, Libby and Danie

You ladies are nothing short of amazing! Your passion and enthusiasm for your job is to be commended.

Zac has absolutely flourished this year in your loving, nurturing care.

Every single day Zac has had with you he has loved !

The environment you provide for our growing, inquisitive, eager to learn little ones is beyond what any of us could provide at home !

Zac is such a chatty, happy, caring, confident and adventurous little boy, so in touch with his emotions. You all have been instrumental in nurturing and encouraging him to be the beautiful boy he is.

We are forever grateful for your involvement and influence in Zac’s life in 2015, and will  forever have fond memories of the “Little Blue Kindy by the Beach”.

All our Love

The Meyer’s


In the past 12 months we have witnessed our  daughter blossom into an extremely confident, and loving individual due in part to her time spent at Broadbeach Kindy.

I still remember our daughters very first day at Kindy, I was very nervous as I had been home with our daughter since birth, I knew this was the first step of letting go. The Kindy doors opened, and we were greeted by big smiles and the most warm, welcoming ‘good morning’ anyone could receive.

Our daughter always comes home with amazing stories about her experiences, and what she might be doing the next day.

Our daughter has come away with lifelong bonds which have been nurtured by a fantastic environment of learning and play.

The facilities at Broadbeach Kindy are nothing short of fantastic.

We feel parents can lose themselves somewhat in work and other things once we drop our children off, but the connection we can maintain by participation in events and social media posts allows us to still be involved, and hopefully not miss too much of our child’s growth.

We are especially thankful for the love and care we received during a tough time we endured this year.

Our family is so grateful we made the decision to place our daughter in Broadbeach Kindy and thank all of you for the love, nurturing and attention you have given her this year.

The Minisini’s

Where has my shy, quiet boy gone?! This is a completely positive comment! Since starting at C&K Broadbeach he has gone from a very introverted and shy child to being very vocal, outgoing and gregarious.

My wife passed away when Marco was only two years of age and he has missed a lot of Motherly love and affection. Being made to feel so welcome on commencing at C&K and also showing Marco love and affection has, I feel, brought him out of his shell a great deal.

What a great learning and play program you have at such a wonderfully home-like kindy, as opposed to some of the “factories” that exist out there. We live 300 metres away and regularly pass by. Marco always comments on “his” kindy and is very proud of the fact he attends here!

Thankyou so much Danie, Kathryne & Libby, for making us feel so welcome! We could not have asked for a better group of teachers than you.

Kind regards,
Robert Malissa.

I had never left my child in care or with anyone for that matter so commencing a kindergarten program was extremely daunting for me. I knew that my daughter would love it as she’s extremely social but as a mother it was a scary new world.

The moment I stepped foot into Broadbeach Kindy, the warmth I felt was beyond any expectation I ever had. I knew that my daughter would be safe and loved. Upon meeting Kathryne, Libby and Danie I was in absolute awe of these ladies, their commitment and passion for the children is beyond anything you’ll ever experience. They explained that they are preparing the children to be empathic, kind and caring individuals and the writing and reading comes after that.

I am completely onboard with this as being a kind person comes priority over anything else. They have worked closely together for over 20 years and it really shows. They are mothers themselves with an immense amount of experience and make the place a home away from home. This year they introduced the ocean warrior program which teaches children to respect the natural environment and what better place than having the beach as your playground. My daughter at the beginning of the year was dependant on adults to assist her in most tasks and by the end of year she is competent doing everything by herself.

These ladies have given her the lifelong skills for dealing conflict situations and being able to stand up for herself when something isn’t right, she is extremely confident and excited to go to big school next year. By sending your child to Broadbeach Kindergarten you will gain lifelong friendships and a second family. Even when it’s time for the children to move on you are still part of the Broadbeach Kindy community and always will be.

Karen & Bella

 Our family votes Broadbeach Kindergarten as not only the best kindy on the Gold Coast, but THE BEST KINDY IN THE WORLD!

The kindy itself has a beautiful nostalgic “old fashioned” kindy feel and as soon as you walk through the front gate, the feeling of peace, serenity yet adventure and amazement surround you.  It’s like stepping back in time – so natural, relaxing and of course that feeling of being “beside the sea”.  Kathryne, Libby and Danie are absolutely AMAZING!  They have the ability to make ach and every child (& their family) feel so unique, special, valued & included.  They are so supportive and will ALWAYS be there fore you in times of need.  They are so dedicated & provide not only the most nurturing, emotionally supportive environment for the children to flourish but in addition, provide an educational program that is age/stage appropriate, cognitively stimulating and based on the needs & interest of each and every child.  Kathryne, Libby and Danie excel in instilling confidence, self-esteem & a sense of belonging into each child.  Broadbeach Kindy provide the ultimate foundation & stepping stone to Prep & future schooling. In additional to that beautiful “old fashioned” kindy feel, the children are exposed to the latest technology with the use of IPads. 

There are too many highlights for me to mention this year at BBK but a few that really stand out are the Mother’s Day Morning Tea, Father’s Day Get Together & being able to spend a morning or two at the kindy with my child – absolutely unforgettable.  The ultimate staff & the ultimate playground, (the climbing tree) provide the ultimate kindy experience for your child.  Nothing can compare to Broadbeach Kindy – it stands alone.

The only negative is that we have had only one year here.  We fee it’s not long enough to enjoy this amazing experience.  I feel any child and their family who get to attend Broadbeach Kindy is truly blessed.  It’s an experience that no child will ever forget.  Thank you Broadbeach Kindy for the most memorable & truly divine year of kindy for our Sadie.  You will always hold a special place in our hearts <3  

Jane Chisholm, Reagan, Sadie & Cherry Roberts

We as a family have been so lucky to be part of this Kindy for 2 years. 

My son when he first started hid under the table in the office in tears, poor Danie could have done with some ear plugs. Now he is so confident and mature in so many ways. 

The amazing teachers Kathryn’s, Libby and Danie have been a huge part of this. They do such an amazing job; they care for the children as if they were their own. 

The kindy has a huge community presence which my son was so lucky to be part of, beach visits( all the shells I use to find in his pockets at washing time) fire station, local walks, bowls club, Charity events etc. 

The program they run has prepared my son so well for starting school. 

It will always be a place we will remember fondly. Daniel will miss climbing on the big tree too.

Love Daniel, Heather, Suzy and Richard