Your commitment to children is acknowledged and appreciated.

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Kathryne, Libby and Danie played an important part in our family’s lives. This year I have had to look beyond my own parenting to find other resources to help my beautiful children through a time of great change. I have been so lucky to have these three wonderful ladies help me in loving my son, nurturing him, comforting him and being available to him and also to me. When he is with you I know that he is safe, happy and loved. In the time he spends with you he receives the cuddles that he needs, the soft voice to reassure him and the wonderful fun to make him laugh.

You are often in our conversations and my son speaks of you with confidence and trust. You are an integral part of his little world and I think you do a fabulous job.

Your work is valued and your commitment to children is acknowledged and appreciated.

Tara Churches (2004)

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