Children and Learning

Broadbeach Kindergarten embraces the philosophy of each and every child being unique.

Broadbeach Kindergarten embraces the philosophy of each and every child being unique.

Our program is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines which encompasses the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our centre has a warm and friendly atmosphere, which is enhanced by caring, loving and experienced staff.

It is inherent in our philosophy that children learn through relationships with people, places, things and time.

Our aim is to provide support for each child’s competence, confidence and independence in all areas of the program.

We value the provision of opportunities for each child to learn at their own individual rate of development in a caring, warm, secure and safe environment.
We encourage children to learn through self-expression and self-reliance, in order to enhance their self-concept.
We encourage the children to be independent and inquisitive in their learning.
We believe that every child is important, every child has so much to offer, and every child has a marvellous capacity to learn.
We guide children in making healthy positive choices through the food they eat.
We believe that work and play is one and the same thing, children learn through their play.
We appreciate that every situation and interaction can be used to extend a child’s personal, interpersonal and life skills.
Children’s health and safety is supported and promoted within the program.

Work and play are not mutually exclusive in our kindergarten environment; children develop a positive and optimistic attitude to their play and work at kindergarten.

Their development is recognised as important and is highly valued.

We value building strong relationships with children and aim to provide a challenging, exciting, supportive and happy environment in which your child will develop and grow.